The Gossamer Common Criteria Testing Laboratory was the first to complete Common Criteria evaluation testing of mobile phones and tablets using the Mobile Device Fundamentals Protection Profile as well as the IPsec Virtual Private Network Client Protection Profile. Since then, Gossamer has performed a number of mobile device evaluations from multiple developers using each version of the Mobile Device Fundamentals Protection Profile.

In each case, the evaluations have completed within the NIAP 90-day evaluation goal, a feat unmatched by any other NIAP-accredited Common Criteria testing laboratory. The secret to our success lies partially in a sophisticated test infrastructure allowing us to readily run smoke tests on products still under development for early identification of potential issues. Similarly, the test infrastructure facilitates quick and accurate test results ready to plug into our evaluation test reports when the product is ready to go.

Our general philosophy for evaluations, of mobile devices and otherwise, is to minimize the engineering burden on our clients. As such, we are continually developing and improving testing procedures and tools to reduce manual effort while improving efficiency and accuracy.

At present Gossamer is prioritizing mobility evaluations including mobile devices, mobile device management products, and related mobile applications and VPN capabilities. Gossamer is the clear and obvious choice for these evaluations.

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Gossamer's Last 10 Mobility Evaluations