Accredited Security Testing Laboratories

The Gossamer laboratories are independent, third-party facilities accredited under the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP Lab Code 200997-0) to perform FIPS 140 Cryptographic testing and Common Criteria evaluations. While accredited for specific security testing purposes, these laboratories are multi-purpose offerings including derivative services based on available knowledge and expertise.

At Gossamer we believe in cross training and utilization of skills. Each of our laboratory experts is strategically assigned to bring a wide range of experence and talent to each project. We are not just building Common Criteria or cryptography specialists, but rather are striving to produce across-the-board security specialists. This is particularly important to our accredited laboratory functions as they become more and more intertwined.

Even if you already have a laboratory or mediating consultant, you should consider Gossamer. We are competative and have experience to rival or exceed most other laboratories and with Gossamer you will not need a separate consultant since we offer complete evaluation and testing service packages.

Gossamer is familiar with the available CSfC capability packages and CSfC selections for the NIAP-approved Protection Profiles. With this knowledge Gossamer can guide you to a CSfC product listing

Gossamer is fully accredited to perform Common Criteria Testing/Evaluation in our laboratory operating under the oversight of the Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS).

Gossamer is fully accredited to perform Cryptographic and Security Testing to compliment our Common Criteria Testing offering. In addition to Cryptographic Module and Algorithm testing, we offer a range of related consulting services.

Gossamer offers a wide range of IT security consulting services that are based on and benefit from the experiences and expertise gained in Common Criteria and cryptographic security testing.